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Saturday, October 1, 2011


1.       In the code"scores.dat", ios::out);
a.   ios::out is the stream operation mode        b.   fout is the header file reference
c.   ios::out is the stream variable name           d.   fout is the name of the file.

Answer : a

2.      ifstream fin would be used when
            a.   creating a file                                 b.   reading a file
c.   appending a file                             d.   removing a file

Answer :  b

3.      eof( ) is the function used for
            a.  asserting no errors in a file                         b.  appending data to a file
c.  counting the amount of data in a file         d.  checking for end of file

Answer :  d

4.      How many files can be accessed at a time?.
            a.   Zero           b.   One          c.   Two          d.   Many

Answer :  d

5.      Which of the following header files is required for creating and reading data files?
a.  ofstream.h  b.   fstream.h  c.   ifstream.h  d.   console.h

Answer :  b

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